Registration 2021 - Deadline 19th April

Entrance fee is lowered in 2021 due to COVID-19 and minimized version of Trappers TRail.
200 NOK per team for member of LHK, 300 NOK for non-members of LHK.

Entrance fee can be paid direclty on bank account  0539 715 0110 (mention: "TT2021" and "your name")

or by VIPPS to Longyearbyen Hundeklubb (LHK).

ENTRANTS in 2021!


The following information should be sent to within April 19th at 23:59:

1.  Name(s) of the participants(s)

2. Email address(es)

3.  Class

  • Ski and pulk
  • Small dog team 70 km (3-5 dogs)
  • Big dog team 70 km (6-8 dogs)
  • Open class 70 km (9-12 dogs)
  • Kids class (age ~ 16, can have up to 8 dogs) – participants must list an adult that is fully responsible for safety and accompanying the kid during the race.

4. Number of dogs

5. Team name

6. Name of your handler(s)

7. Strategy and goals for TT2021


Read carefully the Rules applying for TT2021,

especially rules on mandatory equipment and passing of other teams.

NB2! Due to COVID-19 and infection control measures, there will be no checking of mandatory equipment in 2021, it is still required to bring the listed items, and the committee trust everyone to follow this and all other rules as listed in the race regulations.