The Race

NB! COVID-19 - special regulations
There will be no checking of mandatory equipment in 2021, it is still required to bring the listed items, and the committee trust everyone to follow this and all other rules as listed in the race regulations.

2021: This year's race will run with checkpoint and overnight rest at Bikkjebu. 

Open class, Big dog team, Small team and ski/pulk, Kids class (70km) :

Day 1 - LHK Dogyard - Todalen - Bødalen - Bikkjebu,

Day 2 - Bikkjebu- Fardalen - Passet - Huset

NB! Big dog and Open class will be put together few participants.

All details about the race in the Rules & Policy

70 km - trail

Stage 1

Stage 2


40 km

30 km


LHK Dogyard



Fritham (unmanned)

Passet - Longyearbreen




Best time for


Climbing in Fardalen

Route for all classes - Trappers Trail

Bikkjebu (LHK cabin) and checkpoint camp is located at: 33x E495713 N8671756